Friday, 28 May 2010

Well, it's been a while!!
I've been really busy with this thing called 'life', and I've not had much time for blogging.
I have a colleague off long term sick, both cars have been off the road and I've had some really unusual clients to work with. Then of course there was the election!! We all plough a furrow, and it's really easy to get stuck in that rut (metaphor salad, anyone?) so that we can't see the wood for the trees. The last meeting of Wrekin Writers was the turning point, and this past few days have been the first opportunity I've had recently to stop and reflect and think about my relevance in the world.
It's that reflection that's been really interesting. I've re-considered my politics, what I do my job for, what I like to write about and in what style, and what I consider truly valuable in life, in a general sense. One of the cars has needed an MOT, and I feel as though I've had one myself!
So, rather than just do more, I'm going to reflect more in future too. It's amazing how being a bit of a pudding on an a la carte menu can stop you in your tracks!


  1. We all need a think about the direction our lives are taking sooner or later! I'm sorry I missed the last meeting. Sounds like it was a good 'un!

    Welcome back to blog land!

    Julie xx

  2. Ahh ... the recipe of life. Now there's food for thought!

    Glad the workshop helped you think things through. I hope you find the right ingredients for the future!

    I'm off to have some lunch now. I'm starving!


  3. I've found that blogging helps me to reflect.
    When I see my words on the screen I start to process and analyse them. Otherwise they're just random thoughts floating in and out of my head.
    Odd isn't it.