Saturday, 27 March 2010



  1. Growing up in southwest London meant that I had several friends of different ethnicities. It was interesting when one came up and visited me in Shropshire. Many of the locals did a 'double-take'.

    I wish we didn't have to categorize everything though. Isn't it just enough that Molly is a 'dog'? Why does my friend have to classify himself as 'British-Black' on applications forms? He's British! End of story!

    Oh well, we're the ones who have the pleasure of our friends, no matter where in the world they are from. If others choose to ignore them, that's there loss!



  2. Can I move to the village? I didn't sense any of that when I visited, but put up with more than enough growing up in 70s white Somerset. Hang on, you think, you are white. Try telling that to the xenophobes back there back then - a mediterranean olive skin was black enough for them!

  3. Stuart, thats the point I guess.... we are all mongrels to some degree and by someone's judgment. As for moving to the village, well one serious comment I overheard involved a vetting process!!!
    Simon, Application Forms!!!! They've become so insidious they should be re named 'Exclusion Forms'!! God help us when we have ID cards.
    It's enough to make me come over all political!!

    Ta both for comments.

  4. I'm writing a one-act play dealing with antagonism between locals and incomers in a country pub. They're all WASPs, but their different attitudes towards country living bring them into conflict. Hmm.

    It's ironic that the information about race, etc. that's demanded so that authority can prove it's not discriminating, is exactly the information it needs, if it is.