Sunday, 17 January 2010

Well, it's a beautiful morning here on the outskirts of Bridgnorth. We are very fortunate, Jane and I to live here.
I've been reflecting, as I do, on all the troubles of the world and reckon that me being prevented from reading my poem on the BBC is small beer in relation to the freedoms now being compromised for the people of Haiti, especially as I can look out on such a peaceful setting. Freedom is something many of us take for granted here in the so called first world countries- we all have 'rights', and complain if we don't get them. Roads gritted, bins emptied etc, not to mention clean drinking water, free education and health care. Haiti shows how a random, natural event can devastate an already impoverished nation. The bad weather of the past few weeks here in Britain shows how a random, natural event can piss off an already over precious, spoilt nation.


  1. That's the trouble Dean we often don't look around us and see how others are suffering because we're too wrapped up in our woes.

  2. Hi Dean

    Welcome to Blogland.

    Yes you are so right, as soon as snow falls in this country everything seems to grind to a halt and the moans and groans are heard.

    We are so lucky compared to Haiti.

    Best wishes and looking forward to reading more posts.