Thursday, 21 January 2010

Well, it's amazing how your life can change in a matter of moments. On tuesday we found a beautiful little dog at the rescue centre which just has to come and enrich our lives. She's a 'spaniel', but with lots of mongrel I reckon, so is I guess she's a SPANGLE. She's a livewire, so god only knows what's going to happen.
I've finally tendered my resignation from the army and I feel a huge weight has gone from my shoulders, metaphorically and really!! I cannot be part of an organisation which restricts freedom of speech, while at the same time existing as the instrument of a government that seeks to protect our freedoms worldwide. It is a paradox born out of, and nurtured by a delusion as to what freedom is. We live in a culture which is one of the most observed, surveilled, restricted and legislated in the world.A culture which is seeking to make everyone 'middle' class, with a university education from what used to be a polytechnic, creating 'middle' England. All so beautifully stable, controlled, so that those that place themselves above us can maintain their status, whether they be politicians, bankers or whatever, and we, satisfied with our middleness will not rock the boat, in case we lose what we have.
On tuesday, I saw freedom. She is black, with a white chest and a big bounce. She has floppy ears and has no idea who her parents are. Her free exuberance is irresistibly attractive. But, for her to live with us in harmony we are all going to have to bend a little to make it work. Surely, true freedom exists when all of us work together for mutual advantage, not when one party seeks to dominate the other.


  1. Mmmm...pity our politicians haven't been able to work this out....

  2. Congratulations on taking a positive step. There seems so little we can do to change things, to be heard, to say 'Not in my name'. We are encouraged to live in fear, as those who would shut us up live in fear of being found out.
    Best wishes,

  3. Well done, Dean on making such a momentous decision. I truly hope all works out well for you.

    I'm sure your lovely new dog will bring so much love and joy into your life.

    Julie xx

  4. As someone who jumped from the security of paid employment to the insecurity of being a writer, I can identify with your decision. As long as it 'feels' the right decision, then you know it IS the right decision.

    And as for your new spangle - she is definitely a good decision! Be prepared to start being trained by your new family member!


  5. Dean,

    You will need to visit Simon's website for a few books about your new dog. No doubt she will rule the roost.

    Maybe worth doing a blog about adopting a dog. I did that about my cat, who stole our hearts at the rescue centre.

    Another magazine open to your writing could be Your Dog. Anything they consider worthy gets some dog treats.

    That way your new arrival could earn her keep too.

    Best wishes and can't wait to see pictures of your new arrival.

    It takes courage to do what you have done employment wise but you know how you feel and what is right for you.

    Best wishes


  6. Do you remember spangles?
    We used to stick them on paper crowns when we were kids-Spangles and Rowntrees fruit gums.

    Enjoy your very own Spangle.

  7. Thank you all for your comments on my new blog.