Monday, 19 July 2010

Well, I've been considering the concept of space recently. Not the 'final frontier' type, you understand, but that area we put aside for ourselves, whether that be a garden, a room or a public space where we can find that special inspiration, contemplation or relaxation. Recently we were on holiday in West Wales and came across St Non, on the coastal path near to the city of St David's. This has special significance in the Celtic- Christian world, and is now dominated by a 'retreat', a safe place where, assuming you are in the 'gang' as it were, you can go and commune with your god. The area has a fence around it and a sign telling casual visitors such as me to keep off the terrace - politely reminding the would be intruder that that space is for residents only. After that, I became aware of just how restricted we all are, signs everywhere read 'Keep Out', ' Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted' 'Permit Holders Only' . I was even politely told off by a well meaning old gentleman for walking my dog on the outside of a local cricket field. The dog was even more restricted than me, as she was wearing a lead. We all need a sense of freedom, a sense of safety in our own space, where we can do our thing, whether it be writing, reading, creating music or just being. Sadly, the more we are restricted by imposed barriers the less we connect with the world around us making us aliens in our own world. I'd considered creating a space for writing at home, in a spare room, so that I can concentrate. But, to be honest, I see that as self imposed barrier, no different, perhaps worse, than those that are all around us. So, no special space for me - wherever I am, that's my workstation. Now, where's that big bag for notebooks, guitar, laptop.............


  1. Hi Dean
    Although It would be nice to have that 'magical space' to spend writing, I agree, you don't always need it. I usually get my inspiration while I am driving to work in the morning! Not very handy, I am usually stuck behind a tractor desperately trying to remember what I have thought of and then I have to rush to my work desk and write things down before I forget them. I guess as long as we have a comfortable space to get things onto paper, or the computer - our special place has to be the best of all - our own minds.

  2. Hi Diane, thanks for responding. I couldn't agree more. So many things in life aim to control and restrict us, but our minds are our own. Originality, authenticity and being true to ourselves - allowing our minds to become fertile places of creativity - is for me true freedom.

  3. One day, I will have my own study for writing in, but for now it has to be the corner of my bedroom. However, if our need to write is great enough, we will find a way of writing anywhere. Any space will do, if we have something to say!



  4. But isn't writing your thoughts down restricting them to a defined space against their will?